Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yazz Stereotype concerts

27. Dec. 2008. 21:00 - Yazz StereoType

Győr, Roemer Ház

29.December 2oo8. 21.00 - Yazz StereoType
Pecs, Dante

December is for music!!!

29.November 2oo8. 22.3o Yazz Stereotype
Pecs, Kino Cafe

12. Dec. 2008. 21:00 - Yazz StereoType
,Műhely Cafe

13. Dec. 2008. 21:00 - Yazz StereoType
, Húsvasaló Cafe

Monday, November 3, 2008

Last days in Turkey, Antalya symposium

Kaldır Beni /Hold me up!
2008 October
280*150*50 cm
Mugla marble

Turkey, Antalya, Campus

Last working days, some portraits and pictures of the group.

Last weekend we visited Alanya.
On the way there we watched
Perge, Aspendos, Side too.
In Alanya we could meet not only with good friends, but those days started the symposium I 've participated two years before. First time in my life I searched the sculpture I've done. It's in a beautiful park near to the Museum of Alanya, next to the see.