Friday, April 29, 2011

CONCERT/ Buszkasi feat Rostás Bea


Monday, April 25, 2011

Kiállítás megnyitó a Barlanglakásokban 2011 Április 23. Egerszalók/ Exhibition opening at the cave houses

I have exhibition In Egerszalók, a village 6 km's from Eger, my hometown in Hungary. The origine of my family is coming from the little village, my grandfather and grandmother was born there. The place of exhibition is a very special street, these houses were carved into the mountain, like caves. People were living in them , and also hiding under the period of war. They carved holes, like shelves inside, for the food, for the plates, and all things they needed, even there were rooms for the animals, like chicken or cows. Last year a Association got some financial support to renovate these houses, of course it's not all, as they say, some houses there were 17 more rooms carved inside the mountain, they couldn't find and renovate yet. Even under the road there is a kind of labirinth, and a way going until Eger city.
It was a special oportunity to exhibit here, as first exhibitor, the ground is wavy, and the spaces are quite small.
But these little rooms have some mystic atmosphere, like we are inside a stonesculpture, you can see as it's carved by hand work with chisels, and the holes going through from one room to the other, sharing the lights and breaking the borders of the rooms.

The opening of the exhibition was one day before the Easter, giving a nice program for the families, but also many people couldn't come because of family celebrations.
Anyway at the opening as I felt the people really enjoyed to be there, thanks to all participants of the opening ceremony: Mariann Gyüre (the organiser), Mészárosné Pusztai Éva, who is director of cultural houses in Eger, and Eszter Takáts who is not only my good friend but a very successful and well known singer in Hungary, singing her own songs.

Thanks for all for coming, or for those who will just go!


Egerszalók, cave houses in Sáfrány Street/ HUNGARY 2011


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Eszter Takáts concert

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