Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Everydays in Romania- Caransebes Symposium 2010 September

the workshop
our generator arrived after two weeks to have enough electric power to work
and the kompressor, Evrim's dream :)
Evrim Camoglu /Turkey: Solidarity
Beata Rostas/Hungary: Genesis
Eugen Petri- Romania
Jocelyn Pratt- New Zealand
Paul Popescu- Romania
Yasushi Hori- Japan
Doru Dragusin- Romania
Benone Olaru- Italy
Doru Dragusin- Romania
Omar Toussoun- Egypt, on the left side...photo of their works are coming soon
we keep on searching for good luck to have a good day....4 letters are rear like happy days
maybe because he eats it all :)))
Untill now what we could see from this country:
Festival for Metal Sculptures and just missed a Filmfestival opening

near to the finish...a week before

an unhappy picture
we are searching for the kompressor, and share our energies

Friday, August 20, 2010

First working days in Romania Symposium

pictures of the missing artists coming soon...

Paul Popescu- Romania
Jocelyn Pratt- New ZealandDoru Dragusin- RomaniaBenone Olaru- Italy
Evrim Camoglu
Barzu Florin
Yasushi Hori- Japan
Beata Rostas-Hungary

Benone Olaru- Italy, Doru Dragusin- Romania