Thursday, February 28, 2013

The present in Egypt, Cairo in 2013 February




 The artist was responsible person, arrested for one year , because before the revolution a Van Gogh painting disappeared. After a year came out, and show his honest thoughts in his drawings made in the prison.
The sincere drawings are shocking and fantastic.(Gezira Gallery, Egypt, Cairo)

 Amir El Lithy the director :D and my good friend ahouya!
 the sculpture garden of the Gallery


 mosaic at the Art Faculty of Cairo

 Roshdy, Hungarian language student of my friend Kovacs Renata in Cairo, was my guide

 lot of colours, You can see, it is Art Faculty :D
fantastic lunch with my friend, college Hassan Kamel sculptor, teacher in the Art Faculty

 in the metro...

 Teology Faculty


 meeting of Hungary, Egypt and Spain :))))
Rena, oooold friend
thanks to her and Timea, and of course the director Mr Tuske
 I could make this exhibition here!!!