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Some fun!

After the work some of the artists went out to have some fun. We prepaired for a belly dance party, but there wasn't, only a party with 3 singers. Only? It was really great, and our luck, that we fall in the middle of a nubian wedding ceremony. It's interesting how other nations celebrate it, it's not usual that you can follow it nearly as a member of the family.
In my country, and mostly everywhere in Europe the bride wears white clothes, here nubian bride wear colourful clothes, this time it was orange, and her face is covered with clay, and hands decorated by henna painting. Similar to us they also have to share drink, by us bride and the groom cut the huge wedding cake and feed each other, here they had to drink from one cup.
Men women dancing also, but for me it was nice to see, that not only women can move their belly, but men also dancing good on the arabic and nubian rythm. I was lucky to be able to learn a part of nubian dance from one of our artist, Mohamed.
put on the wedding rings
sharing life- sharing drink
watch the face and the handspeople were very friendly, and they wanted to show us their dancewe really enjoyed itbomba singer! think sculptors are lonely and strict people? Yes, but not on a party :)Joni and Amir, both of them good artist, and they like to dance too :)of course I can't miss from the dance and the picturebaby was wondering where are these crazy people from?
a beautiful Egyptian family
Aladdin and the jinand the night finished with new adventures and no taxi