Tuesday, September 2, 2008

International Sculpture Symposium in Russia

10th-30th September 2008 / Russia, Penza

The largest in the world International Sculpture Symposium “Inspiration. Penza 2008” invites visitors and gives unique possibility to become the witness of a miracle of creation of pieces of art of a modern sculpture, a sculpture XXI-st century. From the 10th of September, till the 30th September 2008, 52 famous sculptors from 30 countries of the world will embody their art ideas in one of the most beautiful places of the Penza region. Gathered and working with one theme "FAMILY", very important for whall human society and for everybody each personally, the sculptors will represent riches variety of national art schools of Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin and the North America. Styles and tendencies of creating sculptures will be from classical realism to abstractionand a postmodernism.

Oroszországba, Penzába 52 nemzetközileg ismert szobrász nyert meghívást ezév szeptember 10-30-ig. A kő és fa szobrászok a világ 30 különböző országából érkeznek, Afrikából, Ázsiából, Európából, Latin-és Észak Amerikából. A szobrok témája a "család és anyaság".

Die größte in der Welt Internationale Skulptur Symposium "Inspiration. Penza 2008 "lädt die Besucher und bietet einzigartige Möglichkeit, sich der Zeuge eines Wunders der Schöpfung der Werke der Kunst einer modernen Skulptur, eine Skulptur-st XXI Jahrhunderts. Vom 10. September bis zum 30. September 2008, 52 berühmten Bildhauern aus 30 Ländern der Welt verkörpern ihre Kunst Ideen in einem der schönsten Plätze der Region Penza. Gesammelt und die Arbeit mit einem Thema "Familie", sehr wichtig für whall menschlichen Gesellschaft und für jeden einzelnen persönlich, der Bildhauer wird Reichtümer Vielzahl von nationalen Kunstschulen von Afrika, Asien, Europa, Latein-und Nordamerika.
Stile und Tendenzen der Schaffung Skulpturen werden von der klassischen Realismus zu abstractionand ein Postmodernism.


*Adamec Emil, Czech Republic* Ahmadi Said, Iran* Ali Almahmeed Ali Almohamed, Bahrain* Apfel Bernhard, Germany* Altnurme Toomas, Estonia* Bong Soo Kim, Korea*Daga Franco, Italy*De Bernardo Marcia, Brazil*Di Guglielmo Domenico, Canada*Dzhabraylov Vasyl, Romania*Dobrev Pencho, Bulgaria*Dusavitstaya Valentina, Russia*El Farol Noell, Philippines*Falcioni Jean-Paul, Switzerland*Fedunov Nikolay, Russia*Hernandez Valeriano, Spain*Immonen Risto, Finland*Karaly Ahmed, Egypt*Kayapinar Ayhan, Turkey*Kopach Viktor, Belarus*Lauwers Thierry, Belgium* Manevich Roman, Germany*Maurin Tomas, Slovenia*Motondi Gerard, Kenia*Milchenko Sergey, Russia*O’Donnell Dana, USA* Podlesy Czeslaw, Poland*Parkash Chander, India*Paucker Susi, Germany*Pueblo Mervy, Philippines*Perron Maurizio, Italy*Roder Tanja, Germany*Rosinska Lidia, Poland*Rostas Beata, Hungary*Rosner Christoph, Germany*Sang Heong Lee, Korea*Senoner Vincenz, Italy* Shortiss Bertha, Switzerland*Sonvillee Paty, Belgium*Takada Satoru, Japan*Tanev Kamen, Bulgaria*Tkachenko Gleb, Russia*Tkachenko Yury, Russia*Tokmadjan Levon, Armenia*Tokmadjan Hayk, Armenia*Turner Carole, USA*Valenza Michele, Italy*Yotov Nikolay, Bulgaria*Zambrzycka-Sliwa Barbara, Poland*

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uli said...

Looking to the story of european symposion movement ( started in st. margarethen / austria) 1959 - with the visionary base of otto freundlich of " une voie de la fraternite et solidarite humaine" - i think that these MEGA- performances are contraproductive.
These dimensions are focussed on the "spektakel", on the performance of art-work - not on the basically intended "meeting of the spirits", of SYM - working and living together for a while.
Aswan-Symposion /Egypt(like one of the good ones...!!!) and a lot of others / ( for example: Steine an der Grenze (P.Schneider)Saarland -D- ,Skulpturenweg Rheinland- Pfalz - D - , Reana del Roiale -UD - -Italy - ...) are focussed on the MEETING - they are sensibly integrated ( with all problems they could have...), relations to place, people, workers, culture - and aiming to international contacts and sensibilisation for art and human creativity.
The dimensions are very important - and also the relations to the dimensions. Sculptors must know that!