Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Invitation to the 10th Changchun (Shuangyang) Sculpture Symposium

The 10th China Changchun International Sculpture Symposium is scheduled to be held in Changchun Shuangyang District from July 26 to August 29, 2009.
By the time, sculptors from 18 countries and regions will come to attend the event with their sculptures. The theme is “Nature, Harmony and Development”. It will be held in the hope of further improving the city’s image, enriching urban culture and humanistic connotation, and thus promoting the socioeconomic development. Most of the 24 sculptures to be exhibited, 20 of which by foreign sculptures and 4 by the Chinese, are representational, and made of stone and cast copper, with the dimension of each sculpture limited to about 3 meters.

Among nearly 300 foreign applicant sculptors, 20 foreign sculptors have been accepted to participate in 10th China Changchun (Shuangyang) International Sculpture Symposium
(July 20 - August 31), 2009, by the Organizing Committee of the Symposium.

The list is as follows:
1. Gotz Donaghy Philippe from French Polynesia
2. Stpan Sagako from Russia
3. Batu (Isidore Siharulidze) from the U.S
4. 北乡悟 from Japan
5. Brett Davis from Canada
6. Beata Rostas from Hungary
7. Ge Pellini from France
8. Dina Merhav from Israel
9. Larrisa Smagarinsky from Australia
10. 巴拉特 from India
11. Valeriu Ciumacu from Germany
12. Kamal almualem from Saudi Arabia
13. Cosmin Hiristea from Romania
14. Maxim from Belarus
15. ALFRED LIYOLO LIMBE M’PUANGA from Democratic Republic of Congo
16. Andrey Novicov from Russia
17. Shengshuang Lin from China
18. Gurjinder from India
19. Emin Petrosyan from Armenia
20. Michele Valenza from Sicilia

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